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    CGC Title, Certification OR Evaluation Tests      $50 each              
    Membership Registration (one-time donation)

     $300 Handler/Dog Team  

     TEST SCHEDULE       

    LAST SATURDAY of EACH MONTH   10:30 am       


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    New inquiries email lendapaw@nlol.org for details     


    TEST GUIDELINES  -Test and Certifications provided per AKC/CGC standards by accredited CGC Evaluators. LEND A PAW is recognized by the AKC as an accredited organization for training and certification of therapy dogs  AKC Title Recognition


    • Team Profile form  - All new applicants  and Members with changes in profile
    • AKC/CGC Test Video  - Each team is required to successfully complete the 10 basic steps (also outlined in #8 below).

    • Please ensure your dog is wearing a flat collar or a Martingale, a FIXED 4 or 6 foot lead, and LAP service vest for re-certification.

    • Prongs, slips and harnesses are not permitted.  No FLEX leads. No treats.
    • You may be allowed to retake ONE of the steps at the discretion of the Evaluator at the end of the test.
    • Teams who do not pass are invited back to re-teat in the next scheduled test.
    • If a dog is allowed to make a bad decision, particularly with any sign of aggression,the team will be removed from the test.



    1. How do I sign up for certification for the LAP program?

    a. Log in to your Track It Forward account.     

    b. Select "Event Sign Ups".

    c. Select the test date and sign up.     

    d. You will receive an email confirmation. 

    NOTE: Please do NOT show up to take the test unless you signed up and received a confirmation. 


    2. What if I want to certify two or more dogs? (LAp reserves the right to limit the number of dogs per handler)

    Each test session is limited to ONE handler and ONE dog teams.  If you have more dogs to certify, here are the options:

    A. To certify dogs at the same test session, each of your dogs must be handled by a LAP approved and certified LAP handler.

    B. Enroll in other scheduled test sessions  


    3. What is the fee for testing or certification?

    The certification fee is $50 for “one handler and one dog” team per session

    Re-testing may be subject to a Certification fee. 


    4. What if my dog and/or I don’t pass the certification test?

    You will have to sign up and re-test at another scheduled certification and pay the fee. LAP handlers are responsible for the training maintenance of their dogs.The video Certification Test sample shows the guidelines (#8 below outlines the 10 steps) of the test. Work with your dog to ensure success. No refunds are issued.


    5. How long is each certification valid?

    12 months from ISSUE date. LAP Handlers and their Dog(s) must be certified once annually during membership period. as per LAP manual and agreement.  Handlers are strongly discouraged to work with expired or invalid certifications without prior approval.  See #10 below.


    6. Where can I find a schedule and locations for LAP certifications?



    7. Will I receive a new ID card after certification?

    New ID cards will be mailed to the address on file shortly after the certification test. One new holder and one lanyard will be mailed with new ID cards.


    8. How should I prepare for the LAP certification test?

    Watch this video Certification Test sample. Work with your dog to ensure success. Choke chains,  prong collars and harnesses are not permitted for testing, so make sure your dog is able to perform while wearing a flat or Martingale collar on a fixed lead and no treats.

    TEST 1.    Accepting a friendly stranger - EV shakes hands with handler

    TEST 2.    Sitting for petting -

    TEST 3     Grooming – Inspect ears, paws and use brush.

    TEST 4.    Walk – Follow path with loose leash and focus 

    TEST 5.    Walking through a crowd

    TEST 6.    Sit, Down, Stay, handler walks away (on lead) and returns

    TEST 7.    Sit, Stay (off lead) handler walks away, Come (recall) 

    TEST 8.    Reaction to another dog (sit is optional) Dog must  not engage with other team

    TEST 9.    Distractions– Dog should not spook or startle. 2 barks OK.

    TEST 10.  Supervised separation – Handler walks out of sight for 3 minutes. Dog should not verbalize, stress, pant or bark.

    During the test there will be food on the ground which dogs must ignore as well as toys, balls and noise. Additional props will be introduced which may include crutches, walker, wheelchair, skateboard and bicycle. 

    9. How long will it take to get certified?

    The scheduled certification test is approx. 60 minutes with consideration to the size of the class and if there are no disruptions.


    10. Can I get certified elsewhere by an independent CGC evaluator for the LAP program?

    No. To represent and operate as an active & qualified member of LEND A PAW and visit LAP sites, certification must be performed ANNUALLY and issued by LAP to ensure that the organization has performed due diligence and with respect to liability and insurance purposes. Test and certifications are provided in accordance with AKC/CGC standards to provide handlers with a comprehensive reference to a widely recognized guideline.


    11. How does the LAP program define “active & qualified” LAP members?

    LAP Handlers and Dogs must have valid certifications issued within the last 12 months.

    LAP Handlers must have the required annual service hours posted at TRACK IT FORWARD

    Served hours must be no further apart than every other month in frequency

    LAP Handlers must have a signed agreement on file

    Any citations are subject to review prior to renewal 


    12. How can I get replacement LAP ID cards, holders & lanyards?

    E-mail  lendapaw@nlol.org


    13. Where can I buy a replacement LAP T-shirt or LAP service vest?

    Contact lendapaw@nlol.org


    Contact us  661.255.0097  info@nlol.org    PO Box 2240-587 Toluca Lake CA 91610