Pit Bull
    70 lbs.

    Saved not a moment too soon - from a shelter where pit bulls barely last a week at times - the staff at New Leash knew they had stumbled on something amazing when this big, beautiful boy was brought out to be shown.

    Not much is known about Roscoe’s past except that he came to the shelter as a stray.  Emaciated, but obviously still willing to give and receive love, Roscoe made a huge impression on everyone with how calm his demeanor was.  In fact, towards the end of his tenure, shelter volunteers would actually put him in play groups with the other hyper pit bulls in an effort to calm them by watching Roscoe’s example.

    Roscoe is still exploring the world, and has clearly never known much beyond a backyard.  The good news is that Roscoe is very adaptable, polite and listens well, so he has more than enough going for him to help him adjust to this whole new world he now finds himself in.  He would probably be the star of any obedience class he was enrolled in, and likes other dogs - provided he is given a proper introduction to them.  He takes treats like a true gentleman, and doesn’t mind wearing sweaters when it gets cold.

    Roscoe has displayed a wariness of some men and may require time to bond with any male he encounters. Interested adopters should expect to spend time with our trainer and Roscoe to work out times to help him bond with his new potential family.