German Pinscher

    Nani means "beautiful" in Hawaiian, and when we first laid eyes on her, that's exactly what we thought!  Nani was one of the dogs who didn't find a home at the end of a big adoption event; when we came across her, she was laying down with her head propped up to the kennel wall, fast asleep.

    She is a very sweet girl, but being what we believe to be a purebred German Pinscher, she is also curious and independent -- which is typical of the breed.

    It is believed that when Nani was young, she may have had a premature botched spay, which has caused some issues with her urinary tract.  She will need to be on continued medication, and may require vet visits periodically. In addition to her urinary troubles, she has recently also been diagnosed with progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) meaning that she will eventually go completely blind at some point in the future. She isn't in any pain, but may require a device, such as the one listed on this website: to help her navigate her environment.

    Per Nani's previous owners, "She is crate trained and stays indoors in her kennel overnight for sleeping and whenever the owners aren't home.  Nani is quiet and easy to get along with, she takes her medicine gently and, for the most part, has a house cat personality.  She is a calm and lovey girl who loves attention and snuggles, and gets along perfectly with everyone in the family, including our children."

    Nani has been through a lot of changes in her life, and now faces yet another in finding a new forever family who can commit to loving and caring for her for the rest of her life.  We have faith that someone special out there is willing to adopt a dog with a medical history and bring this lovable girl into their life!

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