Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    45 lbs.

    We love our little man: Meatball!

    Before he was rescued from a high-kill City shelter, things looked pretty grim for this stumpy stud-muffin.  His cropped ears and pearly white teeth didn't help when it came to impressing potential adopters -- despite his ache to love, snuggle and kiss anyone who would give him the chance.

    Luckily, our Rescue Team got to Meatball just in time -- we knew our Trainers and Volunteers would have no problem showing Meatball the correct way to a forever home, to rehabilitate a dog who clearly had SO much to offer but most likely never had any semblance of discipline or structure in his life.

    After a little TLC, Meatball couldn't wait to get started with his next big adventure: meeting everyone at the Ranch, and making new friends!  We proudly parade this adorable kiss-machine around to anyone who will take notice... he is an amazing dog, and he promises to do his very best to keep you happy and smiling for the rest of your days if you give him the opportunity!

    Due to his strength and energy levels, it is recommended that Meatball be in a home with older children that he won't accidentally knock over while playing.  He seems to get along with most other dogs, but definitely thrives when the other dog has obedience manners.  Cats and small critter households probably won't work out for this curious guy.

    Meatball definitely needs a daily outlet for his energy: such as walks, dog park adventures -- maybe even frolicking on the shallow step of a pool!  He does well on a leash and will only continue to improve, provided he isn't given the opportunity to pull on a harness or flat collar while out exploring.  

    Meatball is a genuinely happy dude, full of pep and personality.  He enjoys long walks, lazy days at the park, endless amounts of tug-of-war, and cuddles after it's all said and done!  He is always down for a journey to call his own, so if you have an active lifestyle and are looking for a handsome guy to take along for the ride, Meatball is your man!

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