Click, click, yum

Over the past several months, NLOL has begun to incorporate clicker training into our regular training and kennel routine. For those of you who may not be familiar with clicker training, it is a dog training system which is based on a positive reinforcement system with sound association and treats.

Are You Fluent in “Dog Speak?”

For those who have mastered other languages or even just taken a beginning course in a foreign language, you know what’s it like to be able to understand what it’s like to have a whole new world open up to you. Suddenly, you know exactly what food you’re ordering at a French restaurant, or perhaps you no longer need subtitles to enjoy your favorite foreign film.

A Dog's Tail - Week 3

I've been really focusing on creative cast wearing, since I'm getting the impression I'm going to have this thing for a while.  I have decided to figure out ways to overcome and adapt, most interestingly, I have managed to devise a system to sleep with my cast on my head!  You go ahead and try it, believe it or not, it very quickly becomes quite comfy.

February Tips!

Alec’s Training Tip of the Month

Teach your dog to "travel" at a high pace. Please ask your veterinarian if your dog is capable of this exercise. Grab your leash and training collar and jump on your bike!  Start slowly so your dog will walk next to you as you walk your bike in one hand and hold the leash in the other.  As your dog becomes comfortable being close to the bike, jump on and go slowly while holding the leash.  Then increase your pace accordingly.

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