lindsey vonn

A Dog's Tail - Week 3

I've been really focusing on creative cast wearing, since I'm getting the impression I'm going to have this thing for a while.  I have decided to figure out ways to overcome and adapt, most interestingly, I have managed to devise a system to sleep with my cast on my head!  You go ahead and try it, believe it or not, it very quickly becomes quite comfy.

A Dog's Tail - Week 2

Wow!  What a week it has been.  I've had another cast change, and I can tell you that I could go many years without another one of those!  but, I guess I still have to do them for another several weeks until I heal completely.  The good news is that the doctor said that I'm still doing very well, and he expects a great outcome for me.

A Dog's Tail - Lindsey Vonn

Lucky me!  When the folks at New Leash On Life saw me hiding in my tiny kennel at the East Valley Shelter medical section, they knew what they had to do!


My leg was severely fractured and I was so terrified of people that I thought no one was ever going to save me. But, instead of turn away from me, they named me Lindsay Vonn (because I was so brave and beautiful) and whisked me away to a brighter future. Although my skiing days are limited, I know that I'm in excellent hands and I have a hopeful prognosis.  

Contact us  661.255.0097    PO Box 2240-587 Toluca Lake CA 91610