Build for Paws

    NLOL - Build for Paws



    New Leash on Life has a number of projects on its wish list that will help us and our facility to operate more efficiently and provide the needed amenities for our rescue dogs until they are able to find their forever home.  These projects require material items and labor ranging in size and budget. Detailed cost estimates and scope of work can be provided upon request. You may donate your slillset for a project, donate items for a project or both. All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.



    SNAKE FENCING REPLACEMENT - All snake fencing on the property is in need of replacement due to Sand Fire.


    • OFFICE: Our office is in need of a fresh new color!
    • BUNGALOW: The interior and exterior of our bungalows could use a fresh coat.


    • ARTIFICIAL TURF: Install existing artificial turf
    • SHADE Material and framing for  40' x 40' area
    • AGILITY  FIXTURES - If you know woodwork you can build them. Contact 

    IRRIGATION PLUMBING  - Replace PVC pipes, valves and timers damaged from Sand Fire 

    GROUNDCOVER & LANDSCAPING -  damaged from Sand Fire. Help us replace the damage caused by the Sand Fire to avoid erosion and create shade and a cool safe oasis for our furry friends. 


    • FENCING:  ISO walk area needs perimeter fencing and snake screen for safety.
    • PLANTS:  Hedge for two perimeter borders- 40 Privett trees (2-3' tall), 80 cf top soil
    • EXTERIOR PEN - Assemble and install

    PLANTER - Terraced planter for the area between the main house and the Training Center to control water flow and erosion and create a safer decline.


    DONATE ITEMS for a project   

    Some of us are not in a position to perform the hands on work and prefer to donate funds or items for the various projects. Corporate donations of items may qualify for Sponsorship Levels. Email us at for details.

    GRAVEL - 3/8" "pea" size , 25 cubic yards delivered

    DECOMPOSED GRANITE -  25 cubic yards delivered

    ARTIFICIAL GRASS -  3,500 sf for misc areas

    SNAKE FENCING -  Galvanized 1/4" x 48" H available in 50' or 100' rolls (Hardware cloth)

     TREES, BUSHES, HEDGES, PLANTS, GROUNDCOVER AND ALL LANDSCAPING MATERIALS - Help us replace the damage caused by the Sand Fire to avoid erosion and create shade and a cool safe oasis for our furry friends.

    AGILITY  FIXTURES -  Contact for item details

    ENERGY EFFICIENT  UPGRADES - These upgrades which are recommended and monitored by the local utility provider will reduce energy consumption, promote green and reduce the energy expenses by 40%.

    • HVAC unit: (3-4 ton) for kennel building to provide heat, ventilation and cooling efficiently
    • AC units: Two window type A/C units (11,000+ btu) for ISO ward
    • AC units: Three window type A/C units (11,000+ btu) for bungalows.



    To find out how you can help, email us at or call 661-255-0097