Projects Galore!

Anthony and his fellow Boy Scouts are our “Favorite Volunteers of the Day”! Not only did they build two new benches for our pool area, but they also planted trees and installed a new dog door. We love and appreciate projects that benefit our dogs and the longevity and beautification of our facility. Would you like to volunteer at New Leash On Life or start a project with your Boy or Girl Scout troop? Please contact us and we can see if we would be a good fit –


Proudly announcing a new, stylish way to support New Leash On Life! We are taking part in an amazing t-shirt fundraiser, via Bonfire Funds!

Simply purchase our awesome shirt design in the style of your choice, and a large portion of the sale proceeds go towards our A/C unit fundraiser, Project Cool Our Heels. We are 1/3 of the way to our goal, and the toasty sun of Spring and Summer is fast approaching! NOTE: We need to sell a minimum of 15 shirts to see any donations come back to us!

February is Doggy Dental Month

February is doggy dental month! Though we humans tend to brush at least twice a day, our canine friends are often overlooked in the dental department. Cleaning your dog’s teeth is just as important for their health as it is for ours! Dogs are susceptible to illnesses such as kidney disease if a gum infection goes unnoticed. There are several signs to look for to know if your dog might be suffering from dental disease including:

·      Yellow, plaque buildup along the gum line

·      Bad breath

Give Annabel the loving home she deserves

We cannot believe Annabel has not found her forever home. If you love comeback stories, then please check out what amazing odds Annabel has overcome since her arrival at New Leash On Life: She would be an adorable and well-behaved addition to any family, including one with kids! Fill out an adoption application (here) for her TODAY; she would love to meet you.

National Adoption Weekend

We had a very successful time participating in PetSmart's National Adoption Weekend event!

We went to three of our regular PetSmart locations over the course of the weekend... we gave away tons of boarding and volunteering flyers, raised about $75 in donations for the A/C unit fundraiser, and two of our rescue dogs found loving furever homes!