adoptable dog - Cosmo

Cosmo gives wonderfully affectionate kisses, and is a very avid cuddler. He can be playful, but also enjoys curling up on the lap of someone he loves to nap the afternoon away. He does great with dogs his size or smaller, loves little kids, and seems to have no issues turning strangers he meets in the street into new friends!

Volunteer Appreciation Day

Today was a special day to honor all of the volunteers at New Leash On Life. While they are appreciated every day, on this day they were able to bring their dogs to the Ranch, have snacks and drinks, play outdoor games, and of course partake in our photo booth. Have you been interested in volunteering with New Leash On Life? Go to our volunteer page, find out how you can help, and fill out an application today:


Dinner time is always a favorite time of day at New Leash On Life, for dogs and staff! This picture was taken last October – we couldn’t help but giggle over the sight of all those bowls. Does your family vacation during the summer months? If so, make sure your precious pet is taken care of while you are gone. Find more information and make a reservation (as you can tell we can get very busy so book as soon as possible) at #flashbackfriday

Protecting your dog from rattlesnakes

It’s that time of year again in Southern California: rattlesnake season! Dog owners are well aware of the dangers when hiking with their dogs, but it’s still very common to come across off-leash dogs on hiking trails regardless of leash laws and posted snake warnings. If you or someone you meet on a trail has experienced the unfortunate situation of a dog being bitten by a rattlesnake, there are important and crucial steps you can take to ensure the dog survives.

A day of donations

Today ended up being a day of donations and we are so thankful. First, our adorable Penny (now Peaches) came to visit and her forever family brought along a dog bed, coat, and collar to donate. Then, a family that was volunteering with us at a Mobile Pet Adoption at Petco in Granada Hills decided to buy some treats for our dogs. Finally, a boarding client decided to round-up his boarding fees and give that as a monetary donation. We are feeling the love today and it is the best!

volunteer opportunity - Dog Reading Groups

Looking for volunteer opportunities for a child ages 5-12? Look no further than New Leash On Life’s Doggy Reading Groups. For an hour, they will have the opportunity to read to our rescue dogs while practicing their reading skills and building confidence, and learning about animal awareness, care, and safety. There is no better way to spend time with your family and with our adorable adoptables. Sign up to volunteer at and we will see you at our next reading group!

Updates from The ranch

At New Leash On Life, it should be no surprise that our professional staff care for our rescue and boarding dog's health and safety. That is why this past weekend we had the wonderful Denise from Sunny-Dog Ink teach Pet CPR and First Aid to our entire staff and a few volunteers. It was a rousing success, where we learned how to assess a situation, remain calm, and use CPR and First Aid skills.

volunteer spotlight

McKenna has been volunteering with us for a short amount of time but her help has made a long-term impact on our dogs. As an Animal Care Attendant, McKenna helps New Leash On Life staff with various tasks such as walking, feeding, and playing with our rescue dogs.

Donate to NLOL! File your taxes at H&R Block

NEW clients of H&R Block can file their taxes AND help New Leash On Life!

We are enrolled in their Nonprofit Referral Program – from now until April 15th, print and take in this referral form to the H&R Block of your choice. Show it your tax professional, and we will receive $20! That money goes a long way to rescue dogs from shelters and implement our many wonderful programs!

Don’t forget you can also donate to us year round -