October Tips

Alec’s Training Tip of the Month

OK, I know all of you out there who are devoted pet parents have one minor act of cruelty to inflict on your four legged loved ones.  HALLOWEEN COSTUMES! (Insert appropriate spooky music here). Perhaps you might want to consider a more kind introduction to Fido's costume this year rather than slapping it on him and then laughing hysterically while posting 500 pictures on Instagram.

Volunteer Spotlight

If our dogs could talk, they would ask if they could spend more time with Briana. She's so sweet and spends a lot of good quality time with the dogs while also helping us with other tasks around the Ranch. You always know when she's visiting because her smile is the first thing that you see when you arrive. Briana started her service with us in February of this year and has already completed 75 hours! She is our volunteer spotlight this month because she volunteered the most hours for the month of September (12 total).

September Tips

Alec’s Training Tip of the Month

Our dogs’ neuroses and naughty behavior are caused by our inability to be patient with them.  Rushing to leash them when they are going bananas to get out on that walk, quickly putting the food bowl down when their barking might wake the entire house, or just plain rushing in and out of the house to go to the next fun activity are some of the behaviors we help encourage by not being patient.

Therapy dog touches homeless boy's spirit

When the Lend A Paw team began to visit the Los Angeles Mission with a group of therapy dogs, they had their work cut out from them. From talking to the children, Barbara Sulier, a LAP volunteer, has learned that most of them are fairly recently homeless and on the streets. They talk about what they have left behind and often of the pets they had to give up. But there are also children who have spent all their life on the street or are were too young to remember anything different.