Volunteer Spotlight - jennifer

    Jennifer has done nothing but shine since she started her volunteer stint at NLOL. Originally a court-ordered volunteer, Jennifer has shown a passion and drive like no other; she has since become our second Volunteer Mobile Pet Adoption Coordinator, and both her wonderful children volunteer at NLOL as well.

    This week, Jennifer was passionately recounting just how much she loves to volunteer to a complete stranger she got to talking to at her work. Moved by her story, the next day, that same stranger came back with a check donation made out to New Leash worth $250, to be put towards Project Cool Our Heels!

    Volunteers like Jennifer are truly one-in-a-million, and we are so thrilled to have her! She truly showcases the best of what New Leash's Volunteer Program has to offer, everywhere she goes.

    If you would like a chance to volunteer at New Leash On Life, visit our website at http://nlol.org/volunteer-0.


    What is a volunteer spotlight without asking them to answer tons of questions! Here are Jennifer's answers:


    1) How long have you been a volunteer with NLOL? 1 1/2 years

    2) What made you decide to volunteer with NLOL? My cousin introduced me and I couldn't say 'No' to volunteering around dogs!

    3) What is a good memory you have of working with NLOL? Two memories: The day I met Sapphire and the day I adopted Sapphire! She is a wonderful addition to our family.

    4) What made you decide to get more involved in the Mobile Pet Adoptions (MPAs)? I started going to MPAs with Jorden, the staff MPA coordinator. I saw how great they were and had such a fun time doing them, I knew I needed to get more involved.

    5) What is your favorite part about being an MPA Coordinator? The volunteers and dogs are all great. I love trying to find NLOL's rescue dog's forever homes.

    6) Why do you think MPAs benefit NLOL? It really helps people become aware of NLOL's rescue and boarding services. It also helps with the rescue dogs' socialization skills and helps increase their odds of adoption.

    7) What advice would you give new volunteers at NLOL? I know they are all happy to be there so just enjoy your time at the Ranch, with the dogs, out at MPAs, etc, and know you are making a difference in the dogs' lives!